Chainsaw Crew

Members of an RMYC Chainsaw Crew come to Northwest Colorado with a variety of chainsaw experience. From experts to first-timers, an RMYC saw crew contains a diverse set of skill levels. But not to worry, all members participate in and pass a rigorous chainsaw safety training before heading out into the field.


What we do: Chainsaw crew work is physically demanding. On any given day, an RMYC Saw Crew can be found completing fuels management projects, thinning pine stands, enhancing sage grouse habitat, and more. Crews are given time every day to maintain their saws, sharpen chains, and make sure everything's running smoothly.  

Where we work: Chainsaw crews work in a variety of different locations throughout Northwest Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. Most crews work in front country locations (i.e. car camping far from paved roads). Saw crews have lots of gear - chainsaws, gas cans, oil jugs, and the never ending tubs of replacement gear make for quite a lot of weight. Because of this, most saw crew projects are accessible by road.

Daily life: Members will be sleeping in their tents all season long. RMYC provides all of the materials for the crew to set up an efficient and effective camp where the crew will make meals. Personal camping supplies (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad etc.) are NOT provided. It is the responsibility of the member to provide these materials.

What to Expect: RMYC saw crew members can expect to be operating a chainsaw during most of their time with us. When not running saw, members will be "swamping" for their saw partner. Most "swamping" work involves creating slash piles. Safety is the number one priority for our saw crews. Our crews are outfitted with all necessary PPE including hard hats, ear protection, eye protection and chainsaw chaps. Like all other RMYC crews, chainsaw crews operate under our 24/7 program model. Although there is time for personal space, crews are together for the majority of their time with us.

When Crews work: RMYC operates a summer saw crew season that generally runs from early June to mid-August for a total of a 10-week session.

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