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natural resource INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 16-30

Internships are designed to engage youth and young adults in valuable work experiences within natural resources management agencies and non-profits. Internships allow participants to consider or advance careers and education in natural resources. RMYC provides support to all internships while the intern works under the daily supervision of the hosting public lands management agency, or non-profit. Partners include the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the Colorado Youth Corps Association, and a growing circle of agency and non-profit partners.  Please refer to position descriptions for each internship type below.


"I am so thankful to RMYC for all the opportunities it has provided me, I can safely say that my life would not be the same without you guys!"


- Anne, Crew Leader & Archaeology Intern 

"Thank you RMYC for helping me get my foot in the door of a great organization (CFI) and for helping to advance my career in an area that I deeply care about." 


- Hannah, Peak Apprentice 

*All internships are  in partnership with federal agencies.  As such,  all interns who are placed may be required to show proof of vaccination prior to their start date.*

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