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Report from the Field

Max (age 16)

Date/project: July 31-Aug. 4,

Location: Medicine Bow Routt National Forest/Hog Creek Campground

and building, maintaining, and improving campground signage)

Want to know what it’s like to be a RMYC trail crew member? Look no further than the following Session Testimonial, complied by crew member Max over the course of Session 3 in July 2023, revealing some of his thoughts on the RMYC experience, mixing concrete and even waxing poetically on some of his fellow crew members.

Max spent his time cleaning and maintaining campgrounds and improving and installing signage in Medicine Bow Routt National Forest, digging out and removing more than 50 old posts in northern Routt County’s Hog Creek Campground. He also spent some time installing, sanding, linseed oiling and painting the same number of new posts, as well as removing and replacing the old main campground post in a fresh bed of concrete. “That one was pretty big and heavy,” he says.

But even though he admits he often felt drained by the end of each day, he says he wouldn’t trade it for the world. “This was year three for me and it was my favorite by far,” he says. “I love the community this year; it’s been a joy spending two weeks with such an incredible crew and leaders.”

It also caused him to pen a few poems about his crew: “For all I want to write, this one page is not enough,” he says. “So, in sections I will describe my favorite parts of the year.”

Rhymes with bell,
A soft bell is Elle,
The voice of a baby,
The fuzziest hair of all,
Kindness thrown into every sentence,
A joke to make the whole world smile,
She enjoys her alone time,
In her tent fast asleep,
She enjoys our company
We all love her company,
Chef skills like no other,
But gluten gives her quite a spin,
We love the energy,
I love the character,
You bring so many smiles and more,
You are a favorite part of my year 3 adventures.

Re-arrange some letters,
She is called Alien,
My favorite word of all,
I think of everyone as Alien,
She’s confident,
Always open to a new experience,
Love to share with everyone,
Creativity for years on,
The wise mind of an older lady,
In a home with a large garden,
And flowers,
You are my favorite Alien from Year 3 adventures.

A group of 10,
Turn to 9,
Incredible connections,
So quick to bond, 
I loved our time together,
I wish it lasted longer,
Y'all were a favorite part of my Year 3 adventures.

Poetry aside, when all was said and done with his crew last season, his final ode was straight from the heart: “RMYC, thank you for the employment and funtastic summers. I’ve loved every second of them and I hope to do it again in the near future. 

♥️- LOVINGLY: Max”

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