RMYC Fire Crew

RMYC’s Fire Crew is a great first step for anyone looking to start a career as a wildland firefighter or in other public land management positions. Our members are trained and certified “Red Card” firefighters with the Bureau of Land Management, but first and foremost our Fire Crew operates similar to an RMYC Chainsaw Crew.


What we do: Our Fire Crew completes chainsaw projects throughout Northwest Colorado. These projects include a large amount of fuels mitigation work for the BLM. During project work, our Fire Crew is “on call” to possibly be used as a resource if any local fires start up. At that time, our Fire Crew would then become contract employees with the BLM and earn a wage equivalent to “AD Status” with the Federal Government.


Please note that fire assignments are not guaranteed and there is a possibility of not getting called on a fire.


Where we work: Like most other RMYC crews, our Fire Crew completes saw projects throughout Northwest Colorado. Most of these projects are in the front country and accessible by road.


Daily Life: Fire Crew members are part of RMYC’s 24/7 program model. You will be sleeping in your tent every night and working, cooking, and hanging with the crew most of the time. Please note that members must bring their own personal tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpack etc… RMYC provides all supplies for project work and group camp set up.


If the crew is called on a fire, they will be working hard. Typical work days for Wildland Firefighters on a fire assignment are 16 hours long, sleeping in a tent and generally busting out work with hand tools and chainsaws.


What to Expect: RMYC sends the Fire Crew to S-212 Chainsaw Safety Training as well as the S-130 and S-190 Wildland Fire certification courses. Members will also have to pass a field practical and the stamina test (often known as the “pack test”). The Pack Test is a 3 mile walk with a 45-lb backpack strapped to your back. The 3 mile test must be completed in 46 minutes or less to pass.   


During project work, members can expect to be running a chainsaw or swamping for their saw partner. Our saw crew members get lots of chainsaw experience, which is a valuable skill if pursuing a career in public land management. As is true of all RMYC crews, safety is the number one priority for our Fire Crew while in the field. RMYC provides all necessary PPE for our members and time is given every day to clean and maintain chainsaws.


When we work:  The Wildland Fire Chainsaw Crew generally runs from late May to the middle of October depending on project work and weather. Because of the advanced level of training that members go through, RMYC prefers to hire Fire Members that can commit through the summer and fall seasons.

Now hiring for All Programs: Summer, Fall or Long Term positions - 2019


Physical & Mailing Address:

991 Captain Jack Drive,

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

(970) 879-2135  


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