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Service Learning 

Service Learning Crew Ages 11-13, Routt County 

SLC Applications are closed!

Applicants will begin to hear back approximately two weeks after the application is submitted. Acceptance into the program will be solidified upon completion of the paperwork. Please contact us if you need support! 

Por favor contáctenos para soporte de traducción. Ofrecemos documentos en español y brindaremos servicios de traducción por teléfono a través de Comunidad Integrada.

We are currently no longer accepting SLC Applications, all crews are full with extensive waitlists. Thank you, we hope to see you next year!

Service Learning Crew Questions?
Contact Sara Duft at sduft 

Service Learning Crew Ages 11-13,
Routt County 

Two-week sessions with two camping overnights the second week. Every session will run Mon-Friday except for session one (June 5-June 14). First week: Mon-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm, second week Mon-Tues 8:00am-4:00pm, Wed-Thurs overnight, Final Circle up and celebration Friday afternoon.

We are currently no longer accepting Service Learning Crew Applications, all crews are full with extensive waitlists. Thank you, we hope to see you next year!

session 1: June 5th-June 14th

session 2: June 17th- June 28th

session 3: July 1st-July 12th

session 4: July 15th- July 26th

session 5: July 29th-August 9th

Service Learning CREW
AGES 11-13

What we do: Provide education and experience in citizenship, volunteerism, community service, and self-development for youth based in Routt County. Service projects include gardening, planting trees and flowers, trash pick-up, light trail work, and other community beautification projects. SLC enhances the sense of belonging and connection of youth to their communities through meaningful outdoor-based service projects, education, and group recreation activities. Youth will receive documentation of these hours which are recognized by the school. ​

What to expect: Each day, crews participate in 2-3 hours of volunteer activities, 1-2 hours of education, and 3 hours of team recreation time. There is an optional 2- night overnight on the second Wednesday and Thursday of the session.  

​​Session details: Sessions are 2 weeks with 10 mixed-gender crew members (youth). 2 crew leaders and an assistant leader supervise, facilitate education curriculum, and engage in conservation-based projects with youth in their communities.  Our days start 8 am and end at 4 pm Monday through Friday. Each session has a registration fee of $200. Scholarships are available to cover the $200 registration cost.​​

Service Learning Crew Questions?
Contact: Sara Duft,

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